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The best screenshot I have ever taken of my #DarkSouls3 character, Gii'a. ✨ The moment was perfect. A crescent 🌙 mo… https://t.co/ZmJS9tgZfs
23rd November, 2017
It may be cold outside – but the sun is shining. Perfect weather for the DS 3 Cabrio? Check out our review and vide… https://t.co/T17kjgth9F
23rd November, 2017
@autocar No. But I bet it'll be a good car. My wife had a #DS3 and it was fifty times better than the #Astra #GTC t… https://t.co/yT62N4nJva
23rd November, 2017 #DS3, #Astra, #GTC
The DS 3 Chic is available for this weekend only from £12,500! Grab yourself a bargain 😍✨💰 #wanderlustwednesdayhttps://t.co/SfZGUOGqA2
22nd November, 2017
I made a sorcerer Her name is Shii ^_^ Fun fact, Shii is the same name i gave my Gardevoir in Pokémon cx #PS4 #DS3 https://t.co/783LA4pyTj
22nd November, 2017 #DS3