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AnalyticsWeek[RESEARCH] Announces New #Data Skills Scoring System (#DS3) https://t.co/Id524WqnAO #whitepaper #bigdata
14th March, 2018 #DS3
@RogueNASA What? An underemployed trooper can’t dream? I mean these Ewoks are a pain in the ass, they have fleas, t… https://t.co/xDm4Gnmjqy
14th March, 2018
Lettin dis shit ride thru 2 da end anit skip one track I swear da trap needed dis @1GunnaGunna #DS3 🔥🔥💥🔥☄️💥☄️💥
14th March, 2018 #DS3
Downloading one of my fav games of all time; Dark Souls 3. May stream later depending on what the quality looks like on my pc. #DS3
13th March, 2018 #DS3
"Informative Convenient Soul Icons" simply adds an indicator to soul icons in #DarkSouls3 so you can see how many y… https://t.co/2ZeTY1WSzc
13th March, 2018