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Check me out in this NEW commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods! I am the one trying out the baseball bat. #sportshttps://t.co/nOvWtkCYb1
17th November, 2017 #sports
E is now a Social License to Operate so it becomes S. #Disruption is the next Quant we need metrics on, why not… https://t.co/WK8vCidRnP
16th November, 2017 #Disruption
Got it out the Mudd, niggas like us 4ever workin! #dsg ☀️ https://t.co/UGX9lN362S
16th November, 2017 #dsg
"Deep Space Gateway gets closer to approval?: The Deep-Space Gateway as envisioned by Boeing in 2017. ... the Moon,… https://t.co/dSltoC0Dt8
15th November, 2017