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Happy Monday everyone from us all at #DSG. Looking for ideas for the perfect halloween theme… https://t.co/NRNBdtmlGR
23rd October, 2017 #DSG
🎯 @King_cerg12 c/o 2022 QB Coyle MS, Rowlett📍Tx playing target practice pre game skilz prep❗️@QBHitList 👀 @dab2livehttps://t.co/RGDsrqsMiz
23rd October, 2017
Thank you @DICKS (Sporting Good) for these amazing socks. My feet are on Cloud 9 this chilly morning! #DSGhttps://t.co/e126zYNIQQ
21st October, 2017 #DSG
Kaze jr. Repping with that #dsg book bag @DannySwift 💪🏼🇵🇷🥊👊🏼 https://t.co/aEIuw7QgJ2
21st October, 2017 #dsg