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Watch Emilia Rüf document the spiritual bicycle repairman of Saint-Louis, Senegal. He’s equal parts a bicycle repai… https://t.co/BCXXcWfoC8
16th January, 2018
Join Namsa Leuba in her new photographic series 'Weke' as she explores the rites and rituals of the vodum religion(… https://t.co/GYD8jJtMdx
16th January, 2018
"My recent song Don’t Need Bae is about wooing an independent woman. She doesn’t need your money so what can you of… https://t.co/5hLdubHIFF
16th January, 2018
He james you know this is 2018 and there’s far better surveillance cameras out there. Ones that don’t jump so quick… https://t.co/rPXOaT1N2C
16th January, 2018
🤖 @pepperdata CEO @ashmunshi on how #AI may enhance the experience of watching #dubbed films through virtual lip-sy… https://t.co/lI9HASPH4e
15th January, 2018 #dubbed
This might not be Madden but the Steelers know what it is lol #dubbed #getoffthesticks
14th January, 2018 #dubbed