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Friday’s LOOK AGAIN: Scrambler 1100 Pro, Sport Pro, PLUS FIRST photo of the Superleggera with clothes on… https://t.co/7a5FC5q3ks
24th January, 2020
VIDEO: Here’s Ducati’s official teaser video for the 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro and 1100 Pro Sport motorcycle… https://t.co/qb0O2TP0X2
22nd January, 2020
The #DucatiScrambler Icon is a tiny motorcycle that can deceive many with its power packed performance. It definite… https://t.co/d765rkF4bX
18th January, 2020 #DucatiScrambler
Test ride a thrilling #DucatiScrambler at Bristol or Bridgwater, but be warned... you won’t want to give it back 😎… https://t.co/K6IywXWasd
18th January, 2020 #DucatiScrambler