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I had to wean myself from watching #DuckCommander.. Made me sad because of how my family doesn't Love that way (yea…
13th January, 2018 #DuckCommander
Had some really good onion rings for lunch at “Willie’s Diner” - #commanderlife #duckcommander # dcsuperfan
11th January, 2018 #duckcommander
What an awesome picture of some good looking ducks!! Shoutout to the Instagram page Wild_Wing_Boys. Go check it out…
9th January, 2018
How could I ever convince anyone I ever loved them if I didn't tell them the way out of planet earth, alive?…
8th January, 2018
Check out Duck Commander Pink Braided Bracelet New One Size Fits All #duckcommander via @eBay
4th January, 2018 #duckcommander