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Hey, @seanspicer - can you guys get to the bottom of #Benghazi video lie please? Share with us? #Dude needs to be k… https://t.co/7tDfFmYXZP
22nd January, 2017 #Dude
@PressSec #dude will you stop lying!! QUIT trying to make it look better, there was not that many people there!… https://t.co/0dhpYQCE6M
22nd January, 2017 #dude
Good advice always from Chuck! Except just the one time, but otherwise he's a man I respect as well as admire!… https://t.co/kQtKSJZhId
22nd January, 2017
A 'friend' had an epiphany due to #WomensMarch, on legal porn (closing biz). A hurdle vanquished by feasting on the… https://t.co/C90Mr7jFqE
22nd January, 2017