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I watched #Duff last night and honestly, I freaking loved it. I was entertained the entire time. 10/10 would recommend.
17th November, 2017 #Duff
100% of the guys I meet always end up asking me “who’s your friend” 🙃 #duff
17th November, 2017 #duff
So i met this really cute guy last night and when he learned that I was friends with this girl he said: OMG she’s s… https://t.co/BeCaO7lxEr
17th November, 2017
Happy 16 Meghan Claire❣️💛 thx for everything bestie!! I️ love u forever 💓💓💓 @meggmurphy0 #duo #ballsquad #jamzhttps://t.co/KM7KY7AiKx
17th November, 2017 #duo