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Things ppl won't stop talking to me about / that i let go of by 2008: -Hilary #DUFF -#Zoey101 -Thats So Raven (spe… https://t.co/fqIKjxvfRK
12th December, 2017 #DUFF
It’s so fun when you’re the only single one out of your boys and you get their cute Snapchat’s of their dinners tog… https://t.co/y4TWZqSkQ6
12th December, 2017
pretty much all of my friends have a bf rtn and I'm over here struggling to even make myself presentable #duff
12th December, 2017 #duff
When you don’t wanna let @LiLi_Flies_ follow some bomb ass guys that you follow because you know they’ll get at her instead of you #duff
12th December, 2017 #duff