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@jsbuyem @775_Cattle Definitely not needed - we already know all southeastern feeders come from either the KY, VA or MO cow herds.. #duh
14th March, 2017 #duh
Just realized i drank black tea (hot cinnamon spice--OMG amazing) at 7. And that's why I'm still wide freaking awake at 10. #duh
14th March, 2017 #duh
@andylassner @seanhannity didn't your parents ever tell you when you use that language you lose the argument #DUH
14th March, 2017 #DUH
@POTUS @nypost @realDonaldTrump So that people would know how to access it. Obviously. #duh @Trevornoah
14th March, 2017 #duh
@RA_Parker dude sucks. The key is -5 -20 LA unless you can hit it 95+ all the time. This keeps your BA really high. BA>Ops #duh #FIO
14th March, 2017 #duh
We get it! It's gonna snow. It's also winter. #duh
14th March, 2017 #duh
Please do your OWN research. I'm not your personal assistant. Oh, and common sense is appreciated. Yes, it hurts &… https://t.co/gDBxPQkNmR
14th March, 2017
Stuck in the elavator, hit help button, told operator I was stuck in the elavator. What you think I was joking? #stuck #joking #duh
14th March, 2017 #stuck, #duh
@TIME So you're saying Apple thinks their phone is better then Samsung's? Would they say otherwise? #duh
14th March, 2017 #duh