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#DUIcheckpoint today in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Marcos, and more! Get the full list with details at… https://t.co/hT9oYn6Vlb
26th May, 2018
Chemical dependency may appear to be the problem, but it’s really just the solution one chooses… https://t.co/4cTWpGKet9
26th May, 2018
Do U know number of kids orphaned or parents losing children 2 #Alcohol #Booze #DUI. Why don't we ban Booze too? Do… https://t.co/ztuUNbwlME
26th May, 2018 #DUI
A driver with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher is presumed to be intoxicated. Blood tests are m… https://t.co/4zcTUjazRW
26th May, 2018