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Grab a box of Melange brand spice cakes! All finished! My latest #art #graphicdesign tribute to the #frankherberthttps://t.co/o8mRyo6xeI
13th September, 2018
I am reminded of probably the best line from any movie ever as my son tells me he’s not in the “Mood” for homework #Dune @SirPatStew
13th September, 2018 #Dune
"Religion must remain an outlet for people who say to themselves, 'I am not the kind of person I want to be.' It mu… https://t.co/tISXq4uKex
13th September, 2018
So excited that Rebecca Ferguson is in talks to play as Lady Jessica in Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of #Dune. An… https://t.co/Bjb3knD8NJ
12th September, 2018 #Dune
Timmy talking about his next big project.. Dune.. if he’s that excited well I’m 10x excited for him. Video: MTV Ne… https://t.co/J9huM4qPta
12th September, 2018