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Diesels: we take 'em apart - all the way apart - and put 'em back together. 6.6L #Duramax https://t.co/b5LEEh3DC8
14th July, 2017 #Duramax
@JeffGordonSales Now that is one beauty of a beast !! #Duramax Good Luck ! @JeffGordonWeb 🏁🏁
13th July, 2017 #Duramax
Duramax diesel fans, get this new, 2011 6.6L engine w/turbo for $7,500 today (90-day warranty):… https://t.co/uo4ZR2k9NV
13th July, 2017
2005 - 2010 6.6L #duramax performance turbo downpipe and muffler 🏁🏁🏁 https://t.co/yudAKzYG4H
13th July, 2017 #duramax
Shout out to Replay Gaming for featuring @LennyCooper44's song #Duramax in this awesome Farming Simulator 15 video! https://t.co/Ii8P48VqGQ
13th July, 2017 #Duramax