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Whoeva tryna put these bets in hit my DM. I got the #Eagles
23rd January, 2018 #Eagles
Someone (Bryan) is flying high today! Our resident #eagles fan is ready to face the #patriots in… https://t.co/sSQZtrgsfq
23rd January, 2018 #eagles, #patriots
"We are not done yet. We got one more football game to play this season. One more game." Watch Doug Pederson's lock… https://t.co/WUINSKp3CX
23rd January, 2018
@julesbakerr @Eagles I’m not sure I’m new to Twitter but it would seem this family is very excited, psi for the mos… https://t.co/PNOhm3gLxn
23rd January, 2018
@Eagles fans trying to figure out why their Street Light Poles r slippery 👀 #EaglesNation #eaglesfans 😐 @Patriotshttps://t.co/ABHftHewfj
23rd January, 2018