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@DavidKHarbour @JimmyKimmelLive you were very entertaining btw I’m #easterneuropean 😉👍🏻 Bulgaria should be very proud to be mentioned
23rd June, 2018 #easterneuropean
FIFA World Cup 2018 Cannabis Bracket Serbia's #EasternEuropean VS Switzerland's #SwissSativa Link schedule+bracke… https://t.co/qmARvhik2v
22nd June, 2018 #EasternEuropean
@realDonaldTrump What Melania really doesn't care about are the kids she was forced to go do a photo opportunity wi… https://t.co/7AHjs7APF6
22nd June, 2018
@WhiteHouse God forbid that anyone investigates all the visa applications that Trump Models made for their hundreds… https://t.co/IusklR6TCS
21st June, 2018