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Getting keen for the granny smith festival this weekend - and not only for the cider bar ~250m from my house… https://t.co/Qe29MhTJdt
16th October, 2018
TIPS FOR GETTING TO THE GRANNY SMITH FESTIVAL: Last year, around 90,000 people came to #Eastwood for the Festival.… https://t.co/0tJ878z9P8
16th October, 2018 #Eastwood
@adnanESPN @CinephileESPN hey Adnan, where does Clint Eastwood rank on your list of Best Directors of all time? #cinephile #eastwood
16th October, 2018 #eastwood
Our wonderful events team is at #Eastwood Train Station this morning, 7am-8am, handing out delicious Granny Smith a… https://t.co/qqJtMYrRWw
15th October, 2018 #Eastwood
@NotThatGoat SK, WTH don't you move to where you're comfortable. Take your damn money and leave. If #Tx #Texas is g… https://t.co/l4gOIGaadF
15th October, 2018 #Texas
Fruits of the Forest - very creamy and bursting with berry flavours ;-) ;-) Vegetarian and Halal certified - one o… https://t.co/AtOrKVbnSq
15th October, 2018