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Over and out after 7 hours, running well on P4 in TCR, the mighty corner took another victim. #mightycornerhttps://t.co/nsdvhPSvAy
20th April, 2019
We already paid tribute to eau rouge this morning! Driver okay, that matters most! As we‘re team we‘ll bring a spar… https://t.co/MwEi6i8Fu8
18th April, 2019
Bloody love my job. Coming here always feels so special and like a pilgrimage. And I get to come back here again in… https://t.co/FhlQgU2qpz
18th April, 2019
@PPLSpeed Alright all you young #Squires in race land. Make time at @circuitspa thru #EauRouge or braking late into… https://t.co/WFXlGyj2rN
16th April, 2019 #EauRouge
They say the magic happens outside your comfort zone but it’s really about living life at the ‘edge’ of the zone.… https://t.co/gPIGFxQLj7
15th April, 2019