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Very glad that my sessions (one about Edition-Based Redefinition and one about Pattern Matching) got accepted for… https://t.co/MaNk5RSls8
16th July, 2018
Listen to Commissioner Saxe discuss her role as Ontario’s environmental watchdog and how Ontarians can use the… https://t.co/KWFGoMcdMk
13th July, 2018
🔴🔴Alert 🔴🔴 New released track from 95movement. Artists: Shandu Ft. Mass Ram Tittle: Lerato lekae Album: Single Yea… https://t.co/Ukyq8fy8YI
13th July, 2018
Lots of carbon fiber in stock ready to ship. Check out all of models at https://t.co/HaRfhTCZZg #aprilia #bmwhttps://t.co/ImvIa4pdBy
13th July, 2018 #aprilia, #bmw
#EBR locates a bear, captures it, & sends back home. If only #EBR #cared & reacted n a similar way w their… https://t.co/Uq0oAV7krT
13th July, 2018 #EBR, #EBR
Have you seen the latest issue of #EuropeanBiopharmaceuticalReview ? Our team have written a great article about Ta… https://t.co/8CbOSYTD0q
11th July, 2018
83: GOAL for Langney as Wilkinson finishes neatly inside six yards. #EBR 5 #LNW 2
10th July, 2018 #EBR
63: A fifth for Borough! Pearson makes an instant impact coming off the bench and getting his name on the scoreshee… https://t.co/3I4fUDsz6F
10th July, 2018
60: After a flurry of changes for the Sports, Dave Smart produces a rocket to beat Shaw in the Borough goal and pul… https://t.co/awT2HcCD6o
10th July, 2018