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Great last day of the holidays with over 20 @DunbarGrammar pupils taking part in a start coaching workshop!… https://t.co/PUxgTYhpno
23rd October, 2017
I’ve been waiting for this week to start since Friday , got so much work I’ve got and want to do . #EBR
23rd October, 2017 #EBR
ICYMI - This is great news as #EBR considers a targeted transformation zone to support struggling schools:… https://t.co/z3eOCXTLr6
20th October, 2017 #EBR
#EBR school district is looking to form a Transformation Zone to identify and target support to struggling schools:… https://t.co/mOp5D9fAJr
19th October, 2017 #EBR
Want to get a deep understanding of EBR’s key feats? Attend the #DOAG2017 #EBR Workshop with @BrynLite in Nuremberg https://t.co/OFhhxXYy9p
17th October, 2017 #EBR