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When you feel down remember that time is a human construct. So technically the echoes of the past are still effecti…
21st March, 2018
.The best way to add slices of SCIENCE instruction throughout your day. @MDCPSSTEAM @MDCPSSci @MDCPSCentral
20th March, 2018
No matter what I do I still feel you coming back to me When I know that you never will #ECHOS
20th March, 2018 #ECHOS
No woman will act like they own you.. if you didn't let them to.. and if you didn't make them hope for it... but I…
16th March, 2018
Yeah I already have two #Echos and a Google Mini "wall-mounted" in sockets. At $29 they're an ideal way to cheaply…
13th March, 2018 #Echos