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Startups and tech companies are working (and investing heavily) to reduce dependence on widely used, scarce materia…
5th June, 2018
I don't see you hurting when I do. Is it fair? Maybe. Maybe not. I thought this was a two way street. But maybe aga…
4th June, 2018
#WeddingQuotes :Maybe were not meant to be together today but meant to be in the future. #echos
3rd June, 2018 #echos
Dear @amazonecho, it has been a crazy exercise to make all 4 of our #echos work at home. #UserExperience of linkin…
2nd June, 2018 #echos
You dont have to change a thing the worlds will its heart no scars to your beautiful im star and im beautifu... #echos..:-)
1st June, 2018 #echos