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https://t.co/P3wxMT71Y2 check out my latest blog on the story about Edsel the car brand started by Ford in 1958. #Edsel #Ford
14th December, 2018 #Edsel, #Ford
Morning listening to this new Tim Buckley live archive release "Venice Mating Call", recorded live at the Troubadou… https://t.co/U48OOF3mce
13th December, 2018
The full tale of the Edsel is too long to tell here - but there are plenty of myths about the Edsel to be busted an… https://t.co/SkYcXO8Rfl
12th December, 2018
@TyffaniHarvey Not a coincidence that the 1958 #Edsel Corsair and Citation Models featured a similar roofline and o… https://t.co/Axcq45HEdh
11th December, 2018 #Edsel