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@Kenny_Wallace is almost getting talked bout more than @realDonaldTrump next thing you know he will be on FoxBusiness wait he was #Eldora
18th August, 2017 #Eldora
Here at a San Diego Paderes game and the 50/50 draw is peanuts compared to the Kings Royal. #eldora #tjslideways.
16th August, 2017 #eldora
The last 4 races @lappedtrafficpc has been at & @KyleLarsonRacin has been at he has won! Last 3 #MIS races and #Eldora we are his lucky 🍀
14th August, 2017 #Eldora
Holden and I are taking in some dirt track racing tonight #eldora @Eldora Speedway https://t.co/spNG2dSQYa
13th August, 2017 #eldora