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@perryfarrell I've just found out that a French kiss & a soul kiss were the same thing. You've certainly seen the f… https://t.co/8XweeQNLH7
21st May, 2018
@beautifulboymov @AlwaysWouldBe Kinda weird watching #Elio playing the role of a drug addicted guy...based on a tru… https://t.co/rl6ieYEPUf
19th May, 2018 #Elio
inspired by @elio__bk , mine is much worse :D ♥️♥️ #cmbyn #elio https://t.co/OfY1uALI0f
16th May, 2018 #elio
it was simply so as not to show that I couldn't gather sufficient breath to speak, that if I so much as let out a… https://t.co/2ZR7E5lhaf
15th May, 2018
#CMBYNQuote 1/3 I sat on my bed that Sunday afternoon when no one was home except for the two of us and watched h… https://t.co/Qa5XoMbZTR
15th May, 2018
@eddiemarsan @DavidMLeitch Eddie fancy an Italian #Elio,s upper east side great food great ambience #justsaying
15th May, 2018 #Elio
Official CALL ME BY YOUR NAME ~Timothée Chalamet 'Elio' 3/4 Raglan~ Mid Sleeve Tee Now Available at… https://t.co/EpPiGFz7bu
15th May, 2018