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@realDonaldTrump Let's use that American labor and steel to get #ElioMotors rolling in #Shreveport. #MAGA with an 84mpg $7400 vehicle!
21st April, 2017 #ElioMotors, #Shreveport
@MayorGlover Why hate US Innovation? You would prefer foreign companies to take over the Shreveport plant?… https://t.co/c7tLPrPUgr
18th April, 2017
#eliomotors so excited just got my place in line number nine will be the 22074 car made watch out ny for a creamsicle Elio in the future
15th April, 2017 #eliomotors
We want to follow up on Elio Motors. If you're an investor or anyone who know of Elio, please email us at AmericaCrowd@gmail.com #ElioMotors
14th April, 2017 #ElioMotors