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Her Majesty The Queen on Garter Day, Windsor Castle Jun 1998 Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth… https://t.co/TNnaRoZr6k
30th July, 2018
Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) attends the Royal Film Premiere, 1951 Royal Collection Trust/© Her Maj… https://t.co/H3MQNkAcTX
29th July, 2018
back at the Cat playing along w/ @inthewhale and #elizabethII . tickets on sale now! fb event ->… https://t.co/5bAgIawkTw
26th July, 2018 #elizabethII
Upon the death or removal of #ElizabethII I claim succession as King of the #UK, King of the #NewWorldOrder,… https://t.co/1AJgyHPxYT
25th July, 2018 #ElizabethII
So far in 2018, the monarchy has cost taxpayers over £193,621,440! See the cost rise by £10.59 per second at… https://t.co/BgdYoKrn3r
25th July, 2018
@UKParliament The current Monarch #ElizabethII has lost her legitimacy to the throne and right to continue as… https://t.co/DWkU764Tv8
25th July, 2018 #ElizabethII
Jay Electronica Singing Drake’s “Feel No Ways” To Erykah Badu Is The Best https://t.co/3wL0X3BCp0 #ErykahBadu,… https://t.co/eVak1yFZPN
24th July, 2018