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Now who said that @elonmusk is also gonna invade Area 51 with his flamethrowers 🔥🔥🔥😂 @elonmusk #ElonMusk #Area51https://t.co/8AV56lfqqA
16th July, 2019 #ElonMusk, #Area51
Who all remembers when Elon Musk mentioned Dogecoin. He meant XRP pretty sure but got the memo that you shan’t not… https://t.co/Ug3SXYg3NP
16th July, 2019
I find this rather absurd when the real problem is saving spaceship earth, the only (previously) functional ecosyst… https://t.co/DGFjJZ2DB3
16th July, 2019
@elonmusk GMC Driver ran a red light at 45mph and T-Boned my Model 3 tonight. I walked away unscathed. Most Awesome… https://t.co/N9bYaG8NbR
16th July, 2019
Go to the next level! Improve and execute! Helping People Reach and Live to their Potential! Love yourself.… https://t.co/4f2P0XRExF
16th July, 2019
Elon Musk's Neuralink startup to make first announcement in two years #ElonMusk #AI https://t.co/yGzoB8FLZT
16th July, 2019 #ElonMusk