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Analyst from Wedbush Securities says #Tesla is at a 'pivotal inflection point' right now, watch his interview on vi… https://t.co/tFihGkXQ7K
17th December, 2018 #Tesla
Waking up on Monday morning wanting a better world with cleaner vehicles but knowing you will never be able to affo… https://t.co/3FcucWMbRG
17th December, 2018
Mysterious UFO Spotted Near SpaceX Dragon Before Interruption in Live feed A dark triangular object appear behind S… https://t.co/31EUofzgQl
17th December, 2018
If you had the option of becoming hyper smart - one of the 1st humans to merge with AI - would you do it? Now liste… https://t.co/33T1wlyUDu
17th December, 2018
It looks like Elon Musk's alien friends helped him with the last launch of his SpaceX Dragon to ISS. #ElonMuskhttps://t.co/YakWd4zHw6
17th December, 2018 #ElonMusk
With a new year fast approaching it's time for time for new goals, a new job, new approaches, new skills, and new o… https://t.co/hYdsYWtazE
17th December, 2018
@mrkylefield @cleantechnica China in first again! Watch out world! Wake up! Only #elonmusk is looking ahead to what… https://t.co/uxEku0tNkv
17th December, 2018 #elonmusk