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You do know that #elonmusk is crazy (in a good way most of the time) and now Mr Von Rosen knows too. What the hell… https://t.co/wtD4W7aC35
25th March, 2019 #elonmusk
I won't be satisfied with technology until we can transfer our Consciousness into robots #ElonMusk #Technology
25th March, 2019 #ElonMusk
I have a degree of environmental science, I am always passionate about the clean energies and willing to support th… https://t.co/L8kfqazAMw
25th March, 2019
Teslaquila best for the nerves! (yes, I meant ethyl alcohol not ethylene) 🤣 Anyways the actual vapor were from iso… https://t.co/bnNGywIjTN
25th March, 2019