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Dr. Flowers ya sure, u sure it's not Dr. Cabinet or Dr. Scrubby brush, ha ha ya, there's a new sheriff in town and he just shot ur Dr! 😂#ELR
25th April, 2017 #ELR
It's our 1st birthday next month and to celebrate, we are cutting our fees down to £500 for ALL placements through the month of May! #ELR
25th April, 2017 #ELR
I mean, its only the greatest rivalry in history! @AchievementHunt vs @FunhausTeam #LetsPlayLive EVEN #ELR WENT THAT WAY IN THE END!
25th April, 2017 #ELR
“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” #Cadillac #ELR #Concepthttps://t.co/ivr73PGe3D
24th April, 2017 #Cadillac, #ELR
The late Peter Boyle is our fourth #BaroneOfTheWeek! Retweet if you remember this hysterical episode! We love and m… https://t.co/erlBUxfhby
24th April, 2017