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Quick sketch of one of my biggest role models @ElyseWillems. Proving it's okay to be goofy and pretty.🌺 #Funhaushttps://t.co/jF8xeIjjQS
26th March, 2017
Now I know why @GeoffLRamsey needed a sabatical! He was in #ELR #SchooledSeason2 AND an #rtdoc /Anyone/ would need a year off after that!
24th March, 2017 #ELR
Everyone cosplays Agent Moose from #ELR and I totally get that, but I reaallllyyyy want to see a Bernardo cosplay. Tracksuit and orange tan.
23rd March, 2017 #ELR
I'm reenacting my favorite part of eleven little roosters! "Run you fools!" #elr @RoosterTeeth @JoshtheFlanaganhttps://t.co/1I1qwSiM3G
21st March, 2017 #elr
Thank goodness someone wrote an #ELR fic on ao3 about G(M)avin. I didn't want to be first. XD Now, I kinda know how to write that. 👍🏽
21st March, 2017 #ELR
Did P.E in school engage you? Did it boost or decrease your self-esteem? Did you feel excluded/included? Tweet me and let me know! #PE #ELR
21st March, 2017 #ELR