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On Civic Holiday weekend #Teeswater will be proudly hosting its #OldBoysandGirlsReunion There are many great homeco… https://t.co/mJyCOUJHGD
15th July, 2019
When the King saved Vegas — Love me sweet | He died at Graceland in 1977 with 14 drugs in his system. But his spiri… https://t.co/Osm39z8GV8
15th July, 2019
It's official. Both daughters love Elvis to the point where his voice is the one thing that's calmed them down as b… https://t.co/dIMQNBeYFC
15th July, 2019
Teenage exchange student in #London trying to watch #LiveAid on TV in a hotel sitting room while 11 drunk #Welshhttps://t.co/GePzFOMYyH
15th July, 2019 #London, #Welsh