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Apple has partnered up with RapidSOS to release an update that will communicate the exact location directly to emer… https://t.co/b36caRbtJP
19th June, 2018
Coming soon in the USA: iOS 12 will automatically share your iPhone location during 911 calls #Apple #iOShttps://t.co/IEYWfUe9Xm
19th June, 2018 #Apple
Emergency crews were dispatched recently because a woman was convinced there was an unresponsive man leaning agains… https://t.co/ACvhC2ku0T
15th June, 2018
I feel like something similar to this happened around Halloween last year. This concerned lady was completely convi… https://t.co/qgLzIeeJvy
14th June, 2018
5 trends to consider when choosing a next-generation emergency call handling system. https://t.co/vVqFMvCyDW #NG911https://t.co/hZaiRCtWpV
13th June, 2018
@TalkingPicsTV I have just watched #EmergencyCall (1952) and I unfortunately think it is not good. Sorry. ☹️ At lea… https://t.co/XolKsek9PN
11th June, 2018 #EmergencyCall
@TalkingPicsTV I shall be recording this and shall try and watch it later today. #EmergencyCall (1952)
11th June, 2018 #EmergencyCall