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Emerging Technologies: Changing how we live, work and play EY-Mint Emerging Technologies Report 2019… https://t.co/L8N021zkZq
18th January, 2020
@andystoll Thanks for the heads up - here's hoping they're interested in regulatory #duediligence for… https://t.co/0FShycYokW
18th January, 2020
How metaphors matter: an ethnography of blockchain-based re-descriptions of the world. Sandra Faustino… https://t.co/sGLo9q8N8x
18th January, 2020
“Blockchain & Big Data”. Trent McConaghy Founder & CTO at ascribe GmbH @trentmc0 https://t.co/7Hx9tt7i4bhttps://t.co/mqiilJNACJ
17th January, 2020