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Just tag anyone that has seen a scorpion or knows what a scorpion is! Issa everybody vibe!!! #EMG https://t.co/ZpYxn9XYxG
21st August, 2017 #EMG
Trusss me, when I say its going to be one of those great ones. #ScorpioSeason #Emg bringing you another 1 https://t.co/ALKhmSYp0P
21st August, 2017 #Emg
@EMG_Toronto is back again with a new wave. I'll be celebrating my birthday alongside a host of others. #SCORPIOSZNhttps://t.co/RR6242KSGI
21st August, 2017
What To Expect When You Get An #EMG and Nerve Conduction Study https://t.co/eN1Dbt2sG3
20th August, 2017 #EMG