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Another CEO bites the dust for his part in the diesel emissions scandal - who will be next? #Audi #emissionsscandalhttps://t.co/bawN4IJszC
20th February, 2018 #Audi
I feel like I'm driving a time bomb! #Volkswagen need to compensate their customers. The stress and worry that my c… https://t.co/yQ0Qo4O0yQ
19th February, 2018 #Volkswagen
Despite record sales last month, VW should not escape the scandal by glossing over the atrocity with this kind of s… https://t.co/bqZaN9l3Ue
19th February, 2018
@VWUKHelp was told I’d get a call from “executive office” in September! Hasn’t happened. Thursday and Friday callba… https://t.co/XWeAQo0TJa
17th February, 2018
@AudiOfficial Quality? Really? Could have fooled me. 2013 Q5 front bumper. Peeling started in year #2 of owners… https://t.co/oqsbNqOGjp
17th February, 2018
@AudiOfficial Potential buyers, save your money. 2013 Q5 with peeling bumper since year 2. #pooraudiqualityhttps://t.co/Bu9wY7J70p
17th February, 2018
@CapitaCustMgt @UKVolkswagen @VWUKHelp your online chat service gave me a phone number to call to speak to an entir… https://t.co/Pdc90NhOy1
15th February, 2018