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Congrats to my fav show and my favorite actors for their #emmyawards nomination! Crossing my… https://t.co/gnYer8z2L1
24th April, 2018 #emmyawards
Today’s the last day to pay for your #EmmyAwards entries. If your entry is not paid by today, it will be dropped… https://t.co/XHge6hJsNS
23rd April, 2018 #EmmyAwards
Primetime Emmy Awards 2018 Live Stream Watch Online 70th Emmy Awards. date: April 29, 2018, 5:00 PM. First awarded:… https://t.co/Esd9lzMSfK
23rd April, 2018
Even though I hated the storyline, @erinkrakow ‘s performance tonight was pretty convincing. Hope you get nominated… https://t.co/53Y4ElweTy
23rd April, 2018
Was lucky enough to go to the Daytime #EmmyAwards this year, which was ALMOST as fun as running into The… https://t.co/eFPMoxJbMf
22nd April, 2018 #EmmyAwards