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And all the king's men.. yeah. I don't know either. S5F6, Oct 29th 2017, Turl St, Oxford. #Endeavour @All_Allam https://t.co/HiGuvHqHPO
25th November, 2017 #Endeavour
@Sasha_SoloWay Definitely, he didn't want to lose her. I didn't get where this came from: "I just don't want you t… https://t.co/AchZRHtMdh
25th November, 2017
My favourite #Endeavour episode on again. Morse and Bixby, so homoerotic and sexy.....
25th November, 2017 #Endeavour
@mammothscreen Now that #Victoria has been released on Blu-ray in the UK is there any chance that the superb… https://t.co/ok1wL1Kil8
25th November, 2017 #Victoria
Wow #Endeavour smarter than Sherlock & unlike that other know it all, not at all irritating .. on series 3 ...
25th November, 2017 #Endeavour
The bewilderment I get from watching "Ride". It's a beautiful film, yes. Full of beautiful shots. An interesting st… https://t.co/hfPTcR9Haw
25th November, 2017
Not seen this one, like all the Gatsby references. #Endeavour
24th November, 2017 #Endeavour
Our S5/6 team heading off to compete in the UKMT Senior Team Challenge at the UWS this afternoon @AttainRenhttps://t.co/jhrRGDYOgw
24th November, 2017