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can we get rid of Ronnie/ Roxy/Jack already, their stories are circular, no one cares! #enders
8th December, 2016 #enders
Stacey and the look of horror at the prospect of getting Ian out of the bath is in my top ten tv moments of 2016 #Enders
8th December, 2016 #Enders
Phil Mitchell putting the fairy on top of the tree. Hot. #enders
6th December, 2016 #enders
The thought of Denise Fox's bits is making me bilious #Enders
6th December, 2016 #Enders
Is foxy Mitchell pregnant in real life? #enders or is she pregnant on the show?
5th December, 2016 #enders
Was going to read a book tonight. Or paint a portrait. Or start learning a language. Maybe after crisps, #Enders and #MIC
5th December, 2016 #Enders
Cannot for the life of me see why my brother compares me to Kim Fox #Enders
2nd December, 2016 #Enders