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3gogglez kills CDNthe3rd - Thought he had me and i turned it with my rifle :P Then I look and see @CDNthe3rd is in… https://t.co/0LZbuNrnpf
18th June, 2018
You and me, let's quit! "As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work." Thomas J. Watson #endurance
18th June, 2018 #endurance
Finally..! Give this guy a car that works and/or a better engine and this is what happens. Congrats to Alonso, Buem… https://t.co/t0oqDu3ng8
17th June, 2018
An other donation! Funds at 2038€ and the summer camp for autistic children is now on. Still time to donate!… https://t.co/8amuUrGvkY
17th June, 2018
Think positively! "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are; you would never think a negative thought." Peace Pilgrim #endurance
17th June, 2018 #endurance
The perfect m-dot cake for every #ironman #triathlon junkie - this one's from last year's bday - was the perfect bu… https://t.co/aNVUJby8Cw
17th June, 2018 #ironman