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Never let fear stop you! "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." Paulo Coelho #endurance
20th July, 2018 #endurance
Head of Household ENDURANCE Competition tonight! Get the Live Feeds for exclusive coverage Try One Week Free… https://t.co/h3lMKRfoaH
19th July, 2018
The long run, one of the most important sessions of the week, is done for today! #Repost nnrunningteam with get_rep… https://t.co/xaYOAa7KZi
19th July, 2018
. @pickybars may be out of bars, but their oats are ready to go! Get all three sizes and all three flavors today!… https://t.co/IhIthA6T8z
19th July, 2018
Tough Market conditions call for #endurance as it shakes out weak hands. https://t.co/9f4HrktKgo
19th July, 2018 #endurance