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Oh btw #EnglishLanguage , why is here a freaking "o" in "Phoenix"? In Spanish we spell that MF "Fenix" just like we pronounce it!
20th July, 2017
Pet peeve: when people say 'BBQ'. The proper spelling of the word is 'barbecue', so if anything we should call it a 'BBC'. #EnglishLanguage
20th July, 2017
It just occurred to me that futile/feudal can be homonyms. #uselessfact #EnglishLanguage
20th July, 2017
"I have dedicated my life trying to help #students harness the power & beauty of the #Englishlanguage" -@DoctorLindy https://t.co/XvXXrcl6bA
20th July, 2017 #students