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Dear @wellsfargo, your secure e-mail client keeps telling me I hit the 15 min timeout when I've logged in less than 5 minutes. #enraged
19th January, 2017 #enraged
@Glinner As much of an asshole as @michaelgove who is now calling uk citizens the lovely alt right phrase 'snowflake' #enraged
18th January, 2017 #enraged
Not what you expect from @emirates . Have been informed it's in Budapest, Dubai and lost it. Not good enough.… https://t.co/ubcHg1kHHf
18th January, 2017
So you can spare me the "think of the children" bit from now until FOREVER. #enraged
18th January, 2017 #enraged
Had to put up other sign. My boys are so paranoid at this point. This is unbelievable. #enraged https://t.co/h8qG2PYn8C
17th January, 2017 #enraged