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I’m at home in my sweatpants working on my blog, but I wished I was back @equinox with @kiehls . . . . . . #Kiehlshttps://t.co/ZMsbxuO8io
22nd May, 2018
“With the new day comes strength and new thoughts.” Start your off week right by visiting Lynch GM Superstore and g… https://t.co/H4gF0e2zfu
22nd May, 2018
Does this mean i'm an official Manhattanite now? Join with me at https://t.co/jkViNOjIwY #Equinox #GymLife
21st May, 2018 #Equinox
“Attack Monday with enthusiasm, laugher, thousands of smiles and cheerfulness.” Celebrate your Monday at… https://t.co/eAODC2k8oX
21st May, 2018
Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start the new week off strong! I started wit… https://t.co/Hwejz0ptBq
21st May, 2018
“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Make your next purchase valuable with a new #Chevy! Which… https://t.co/pAPpc1q5FY
21st May, 2018 #Chevy