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Cause one thing y’all dumb mfs don’t realize is when you say shit about him, you said it about all of us. There’s n…
19th October, 2020
thanks to everyone who is nice to me when i’m weird. because i always am. fr though when i’m super awkward and y’a…
19th October, 2020
I need a blanket for my smoker. It’s getting cold out. #smoker #cook #est
19th October, 2020 #cook, #est
Guess what you can still write in your favorite president just add Richard Colson Baker as VP @machinegunkelly #EST #MGK 5million Dittos
19th October, 2020 #EST
I love that I just heard @machinegunkelly cover of Misery Business on TV going into a commercial break during the T…
19th October, 2020
The President of the United States is resorting to conspiracy theories that is how desperate he has gotten to maint…
18th October, 2020