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Nice! #EuropeanUnion Chairman is no pushover; has kept Brexiteers on the griddle for a long time... @louisa1000
18th July, 2019 #EuropeanUnion
As a German, as a European I pledge you: US Democrats you have to stop your president, now. #nohatespeech
18th July, 2019
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are fighting to take over from Theresa May as the leader of the Conservative Party an…
18th July, 2019
Mr. #Trump, #EuropeanUnion #NarendraModi 4.They Will start open training for fighters(terrorist) all over the world…
18th July, 2019 #Trump, #EuropeanUnion
Did you know: EU airlines are required to compensate passengers up to €600 ($700) for delayed or cancelled flights.…
18th July, 2019
The Royal Society tells the Tory leadership candidates the UK collaborates more with the EU than the US. #bigdata
18th July, 2019