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Her bio says she lives in the #EuropeanUnion I've looked on a map, it doesn't exist. It's rather like saying "I li…
19th August, 2018 #EuropeanUnion
We have a unique strategy of offsetting the risk and maximizing profits. #EconomicGrowth
19th August, 2018
I am an Erasmus Mundus Scholar. The mobility programme allowed me, 7 years ago, the opportunity to understand the E…
19th August, 2018
If anything happens to the leader of #Kurdish nation #AbdullahOcalan (#Apo) @coe and @CoE_CPT are responsible for i…
19th August, 2018
It is not magic but an advanced IT technology that enables the Robot to "see" where the price is going in 2-3 seconds #EuropeanUnion #Rich
18th August, 2018 #EuropeanUnion