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Here's a quote from a man who clearly spent a whole lot of time on a #motorcycle! Can you tell?? #evelknievel #moto https://t.co/Kd4xumTLK4
14th July, 2017 #motorcycle, #evelknievel, #moto
@Nick_Haywood @Nibblypig 🤣 You did pull off some #evelknievel like moves on that ride
14th July, 2017 #evelknievel
@Super70sSports After many tries, I successfully executed a back flip, but Evel's helmet had many scars from failed… https://t.co/ZYumPuZzIV
13th July, 2017
@monkeyfondoodle @SkyNews @elonmusk No way am I getting in a baked bean can to be fired like a bullet at 750mph. I'… https://t.co/QDJa5QythM
13th July, 2017