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@KristianHarloff do you think an #ObiWan movie, but #Ewan channeling his best #Logan would be good?
20th August, 2017 #Ewan, #Logan
To be enraged by any kind of murder, whether of innocents or addicts, is human. Not Yellow. Not Dutertard. So, are we all still human? #ewan
19th August, 2017 #ewan
idunno if I should watch the season 6 or wait the season to finish. #ewan 😹
18th August, 2017 #ewan
#Ewan Obi Wan Movie is gonna be so good. I hope to see Anakin in some sort. Also have Liam Neeson teach Obi Wan how to be a force ghost.
18th August, 2017 #Ewan
Oh he had better and they had better pay him enough so there is no question. #ewan #ObiWanMovie https://t.co/02JsTPeOsb
18th August, 2017 #ewan
I swear if the Obi-Wan movie ends up being terminated, I'll be done with Star Wars for a long time #ObiWanMovie #Ewan
18th August, 2017 #Ewan
Ok, lemme just say that Ewan “hello there” McGregor would be the WORST choice for an Obi-Wan movie. @starwars #ewan
18th August, 2017 #ewan
Ewan McGregor, I am one of your biggest fans. Please return! You're the absolute best. No one can replace or outdo… https://t.co/DNlO2zrIJK
18th August, 2017