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@DrRgoldi @harrismonkey Tried reversing whilst dropping roof. Was told handbrake auto disengages. This is a lie… https://t.co/OqBbpQT2fq
27th April, 2017
@Georgebot5000 @BBC_TopGear No problem mate. Big fan of #ExtraGear & the behind the scenes footage. 👌
25th April, 2017 #ExtraGear
@Georgebot5000 @BBC_TopGear @MrRoryReid @harrismonkey Absolute joy to watch you mate. Can't wait to see you & the o… https://t.co/J5bXf2gbLE
24th April, 2017
@TopGear_BBCA So that Ssangyong Minivan looks hideous like Homer Simpson's designed car. #ExtraGear
24th April, 2017 #ExtraGear
When U realize Ur fully "manslaughtered out" & have been dressing that way for years... @MrRoryReid @realrossnoblehttps://t.co/P9upFJ8weF
24th April, 2017
I'm surprised their SSang Yacht (a minivan turned into a boat) didn't tip over yet. #ExtraGear #TopGear
24th April, 2017 #ExtraGear