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@DaShanneStokes How can we celebrate President's Day under a president who denies that #ClimateChangeIsReal BAD for… https://t.co/DfzpFraubb
18th February, 2018
@Sander_1954 @Justafool2764 Please keep in mind that #Exxon walked away from Iraq govt oil deal. Made independent o… https://t.co/ix7b46W9qI
18th February, 2018 #Exxon
@gmunroe01 @RachelNotley @ufcw401 Actually, its a texas companies oil. A texas oil company with a piss poor record… https://t.co/t8RPQ9dKuZ
18th February, 2018
y'all: oof lemme get my daily "grieving over jjong" tweet out the way so it'll look like i still care y'all: so sad… https://t.co/UcX1bPJ1TR
18th February, 2018