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I’m excited to be part of this #Livestream on Monday for the next episode of @csmagtweets at @The615Hideaway for th… https://t.co/7VC4lQ9ZyA
19th April, 2019
#FTC may hold Zuckerberg personally responsible for Facebook privacy failures https://t.co/WWyuZ4Xhp4 .… https://t.co/EXhe1eBBFT
19th April, 2019 #FTC
#Facebook now says its password leak affected 'millions' of Instagram users https://t.co/aS34nH0OMS via @techcrunch
19th April, 2019 #Facebook
Asking for the key to an email account for verification purposes on a third-party domain is bad enough and is not r… https://t.co/oHk12fu86d
19th April, 2019