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@Waqtnewstv #Faisal. I know you have a job to keep but you are a thoroughbred idiot. Give me Sh Rashid any day. Btw… https://t.co/4LiBw6o0jK
22nd March, 2018
Congrats @FasBeam #faisal khan for 100k subscribers, hope 200k soon @MotorBeam
21st March, 2018
All your dreams can come true, only if you have the courage to pursue.Get out of your comfort zone, Only then you w… https://t.co/qMaFhPDi4A
21st March, 2018
10 done .#Faisal keep it up — watching Khalish
18th March, 2018
@aamir_khan In one of his film #PyaarKaMausam song #Aamir was called to use as a child actor. But he was too crying… https://t.co/8SCCO4zDN6
18th March, 2018 #Aamir
Good beginning, Consider closing down offices in Delhi & other Indian cities. We may be better off without diplomat… https://t.co/eqmDZZluci
15th March, 2018
#Faisal Islam on #Sky News is just about to broadcast follow up interview, with me, to last week's questions. Part… https://t.co/MQA6DRg1zP
15th March, 2018