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@UnfollowTrump Saw a clip and it's full of the new #fake news you want to spread, shame ... https://t.co/HoXSLrQI5B
23rd June, 2017 #fake
@ahmedashour5 @piersmorgan No he didn't. He said if she's anti gun. She should tell her secret service not to carry… https://t.co/BiG45BjPEz
23rd June, 2017
Miami Police Says 7 #Fake Credit Cards Found In Dammy Krane’s Wallet https://t.co/3iTUcDUyjF #back #S911UPDATE
23rd June, 2017 #Fake
@realDonaldTrump You care about no-one and nothing except destroying Obama's legacy because your tiny ego can't han… https://t.co/lT678oE11D
23rd June, 2017