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Can’t wait to see fully reusable 1st stage #Falcon9 and X-37 shuttle payload launch. πŸš€πŸŒ πŸ’« https://t.co/AKwZqyXQ1c
21st August, 2017 #Falcon9
Check out the behind the scenes excitement of a #Falcon9 landing through this chilling video by @SpaceX https://t.co/dPBl7gHVQJ
20th August, 2017 #Falcon9
After a month-long break, @SpaceX successfully launched cargo on its #Falcon9 rocket to the space station https://t.co/KUc9CsuPmY
20th August, 2017 #Falcon9
View of SpaceX launch complex 40. #SLC40 #Falcon9 Readying for 24 hour turn-a-rounds. https://t.co/Bs4srf4kms
20th August, 2017 #Falcon9
Falcon 9 Checks Off Static Fire Test for Next Dragon Launch to Deliver Cargo to ISS – Dragon SpX-12 https://t.co/m6Sc87F3RM #falcon9
20th August, 2017 #falcon9