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Can do anything on #Fallout4 but Deathclaws are a big no! Can't imagine what #VR Deathclaws will be like :0 https://t.co/dmAt1STvw9
3rd October, 2017 #Fallout4
I don't know, or care, if it's a popular opinion but I love #Fallout4. I've played many times and I still go back t… https://t.co/S01bKSqGxs
3rd October, 2017 #Fallout4
GOOD MORNING WASTELANDERS! What the hell is this?! GRASS? LEAVES? Have I entered the twilight zone?! #fallout4https://t.co/gp70JEz4jE
3rd October, 2017 #fallout4
@Fallout's Commonwealth is so beautifully drawn I'm immersing myself again on Survival mode where everything counts… https://t.co/mM1Ebl4g3k
3rd October, 2017