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You dey like man arh then you dey like am, the way he lash we still he be wonna best man for the school inside, Nana oh, we love #Faraday
15th June, 2019 #Faraday
The only man who will provide you with handouts and still lash you for not copying notes from that same handouts! H… https://t.co/95AbYJVi2T
14th June, 2019
You all know that man odenden..YES!! He has gone to strrrrrr hen so I'm going to the porice station to go and brrrrr him #Faraday
14th June, 2019 #Faraday
Her one time #faraday lash father ihn dog erhh with the famous statement "kwasia nnipa koraaa mpo gwane na would ab… https://t.co/7avaEujTAE
14th June, 2019 #faraday
I remember one night we ran away from prep 10 minutes before time and saw a two headed statue at the pavelion, the… https://t.co/y6yvccleYe
14th June, 2019
#Faraday Faraday: Hey!,hey!...where are u going?! STUDENT: sir please I'm going to urinate. Faraday:Ma frenn come here!!.... R.I.P
14th June, 2019 #Faraday