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Have you been following the #Faraday case and its court of appeal judgment? Our webinar will look at the impact of… https://t.co/aZqdb0G1uG
15th August, 2019 #Faraday
Congrats to all the #alevelresults2019 students off to @lborouniversity. I graduated 14 yrs ago, got a great career… https://t.co/D7UCQvTKkq
15th August, 2019
What constitutes a public works contract? Our upcoming #webinar will cover this and the issues around the impact of… https://t.co/ZR4gDyrkQg
11th August, 2019
#BMWX5 -UK's #MostStolen car in the "luxury" segment was nearly stolen from a driveway in broad daylight in… https://t.co/BVBPjWZMAe
10th August, 2019
Just released v4.1.0 (breaking changes with fallback) with 4 new generators/libraries: #ocaml, #nodejs express serv… https://t.co/VPj0jeRgIF
10th August, 2019
Exx-021 Simple Homopolar Mechanical Interrupter for low frequency Applications - https://t.co/M9WWwYfa3X #homopolarhttps://t.co/SCr2Facvbn
9th August, 2019
Exx-007 We take our experiences from the Ampere Bridge experiments (video Exx-006) to work and build a large homop… https://t.co/jxCddU9NJj
9th August, 2019
Exx-005 Faraday Drum - Homopolar Generator - DC current - DC voltage - https://t.co/6cPjkApXDt - #electricity Micha… https://t.co/mlBkO4RpS4
9th August, 2019
Exx-004 Tesla's Homopolar Generator - The Dynamo-Electric Machine - A mystery how the #electric current flows? -… https://t.co/miLjXuqhtX
9th August, 2019