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Histare is a National Capital of India based History, Heritage and Culture Think Tank. https://t.co/Yk8qzxbiQyhttps://t.co/QnEut8GXIK
14th October, 2019
“The invariable mark of #wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson #fascinationhttps://t.co/KsM700BDKK
11th October, 2019 #fascination
11 October 1994: 'Fascination' begins filming. DS9 episode 55, season 3. Teleplay by Philip LaZebnik Story by Ira S… https://t.co/oef3mAnWKy
11th October, 2019
This. The #love and #fascination of things like this always justify the reason I became an #engineer. 🧐 ‘Cause, yes… https://t.co/gqlvYsdMVa
11th October, 2019 #fascination