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Fuerteventura Island | artwork: "Caminos" (aka Los Hijos del Sol/"Children of the Sun") | author: Lisbet Fernandez… https://t.co/etlJuNpijm
18th February, 2020
I’m not apologetic for being weird in my own way. Can’t help that I have a fascination for🩸🤷‍♀️ Just let the whol… https://t.co/ysaaU6C2BE
17th February, 2020
He fell in love with my mother the moment he set eyes on her ... Dad knew it was #fascination ...… https://t.co/Sy3PGUEsAO
13th February, 2020 #fascination
Glad to share the latest addition to my etsy shop: Vintage Fascination Face Powder Round Tin Daher Made in England… https://t.co/JsznkTo5HX
12th February, 2020